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GTA Vice City PC Cheats: Tricks & Cheat Codes for PC

Dear users, we are very much excited to provide you GTA Vice City PC Cheats. GTA Vice City PC Cheats are more comfortable to keep in mind and recall rather than PlayStation and Xbox. We hope these codes will help you to complete your missions quick and easy.

GTA Vice City PC Cheats

GTA vice third-person perspective game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. The GTA vice city game for PC version; launch is on 12 May 2003 for Microsoft windows after the release of GTA vice city play station 2. Later Xbox version is also released.

GTA Vice City PC Cheats

Story of GTA Vice City

It is a fictional story of the person named “Tommy Vercetti” who returned from the prison. The story takes place in the fictional city named “Vice city” which resemble the American city “Miami”. The vice city additionally has two island cities. The mission of the game is establishing criminal reign and snatch power from other criminal gangs.



How to play GTA Vice City?

As the game is third person perspective, you have to control the criminal Tommy and help him to complete the mission and move the story. Transportation is on foot or by vehicle. Player point of view is available and in case of drive-by shooting, the side view is also accessible.


GTA Vice City PC CheatsWhen considering modes, there are two modes available and those are “out of the mission” and “on the mission”.

Out of the mission

Out of the mission, the player can roam freely on foot or by car. You can earn money by taxi service or pizza delivery. You can involve in firefighting activity and vigilante mini-games and attain rewards.



On the mission

Unlike out of the mission, here you should be active in missions as the missions are time-concerned. The missions may be easy or difficult to complete. The missions may story oriented or to buy assets.


GTA Vice City PC Cheats

You can purchase assets in the city during the asset missions and the assets reside in the vice city are The pole position club, Sunshine Autos, The cherry popper ice cream company, Vercetti estate, Malibu club, Printworks, Boatyard, Interglobal studios, Kaufman cabs, Phil’s place.


GTA Vice City PC Cheats – Cheatcodes

Cheatcodes will help you to finish the missions faster and easier. They are listed under the categories like

  • Main cheats
  • Weather Cheats
  • Vehicle Cheats
  • Character skin cheats
  • Miscellaneous cheats


GTA Vice City PC Cheats – Main cheats

During the missions, the types of equipment needed for completing the mission is given. Apart from that, you can use cheat codes to get extra weapons and to get full health after the injury. There are multiple varieties of weapons available includes Colt python, M60 machine gun, Minigun, Rocket launcher, etc. You can purchase weapons from firearm dealers, pice from dead enemies, find anywhere in the city or get by using GTA Vice City Cheats PC.


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To get tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 weapons you have to use the code “thugstools”, “professionaltools” and “nuttertools” respectively.

To get full health you have to use the code “aspirine” and to get armor you have to use the code “preciousprotection”.

Number of stars indicates your crime level; to escape from the police you can lower your wanted level using the code “leave me alone” or also raise the wanted level to make the game interesting by using the codeyouwonttakemealive.


Cheat Effects Cheatcodes
Full Health aspirine
Full Armor preciousprotection
Weapons (tier 1 thugstools
Weapons (tier 2) professionaltools
Weapons (tier 3) nuttertools
Raise wanted level youwonttakemealive
Lower wanted level leavemealone
Faster game clock lifeispassingmeby
Faster game play onspeed
Slower game play booooooring
Better driving skills gripiseverything
Suicide icanttakeitanymore
Show media attention chasestat

Weather cheats

Using these cheat codes you can change the climate that may be helpful to complete missions, confuse the enemies and escape from the enemies. The codes such as “apleasantday”, “alovelyday”, “abitdrieg”, “catsanddogs” and “cantseeathing” give effects good, great, sunny, stormy and foggy weather respectively.


Cheat Effects Cheatcodes
Good weather apleasantday
Great weather alovelyday
Sunny weather abitdrieg
Stormy weather catsanddogs
Foggy weather cantseeathing

Vehicle cheats

In the vice city, multiple types of vehicles available under the categories motorcycles, two-door cars, four-door cars, vans, industrial trucks, government and emergency, public service, aircrafts, and boats.


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Cheatcodes help you to get vehicle immediately no matter where you are. Using these codes you can handle the vehicle in an extraordinary way. The code “comeflywithme” makes the cars fly and “seaways” makes the cars float. You can make boats fly by applying the code “seaways”. To speed up the engine, to make traffic and destroy all cars use the codes “gettherequickly”, “miamitraffic” and  “bigbang” respectively.

Cheat Effects Cheatcodes
Destroy all cars bigbang
Only wheels visible on cars wheelsareallineed
Dodo cars (flying) comeflywithme
Boats can fly airship
All traffic lights green greenlight
Heavy traffic miamitraffic
Black traffic iwantitpaintedblack
All Cars are pink ahairdresserscar
Rhino tank panzer
Romero’s Hearse thelastride
Bloodring Banger rockandrollcar
Bloodring Banger 2 travelinstyle
Trashmaster rubbishcar
Caddy betterthanwalking
Cars float on water seaways
Engines are fast gettherequickly
Engines are faster getthereveryfastindeed
Engines are faster getthereamazinglyfast
All cars are faster gettherefast
Bigger wheels cheat loadsoflittlethings

Character skin cheats

Apart from default skin and character changing settings you can use cheat codes to change skin and character listed below.

Cheat Effects Cheatcodes
Pedestrian costumes stilllikedressingup
Lance Vance costume looklikelance
Ken Rosenberg costume mysonisalawyer
Hilary King costume ilooklikehilary
Love Fist musician costume rockandrollman
Phil Cassaday costume onearmedbandit
Sonny Forelli costume idonthavethemoneysonny
Scottish soccer player costume weloveourdick
Mercedes costume foxylittlething
Ricardo Diaz costume cheatshavebeencracked

Miscellaneous cheats

With miscellaneous cheats, you can do some funny and interesting activities. Few of them are giving Tommy bikini dress with the gun, make Tommy fatter and give Tommy girly legs and arms using the codes “chickswithguns”, “deepfriedmarsbars” and “programmer” respectively.

Cheat Effects Cheatcodes
Bikini women with guns chickswithguns
Pedestrians riot fightfightfight
Pedestrians attack you nobodylikesme
Pedestrians have weapons ourgodgivenrighttobeararms
Tommy smokes cigarette certaindeath
Tommy is a fanny magnet fannymagnet
Peds get in your car hopingirl
Make Tommy Fatter deepfriedmarsbars
Give Tommy girly legs and arms programmer
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