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GTA 3 Cheats PC

GTA 3 Cheats – PC | Guides & Checklist of Cheat Codes for GTA 3

Grand Theft Auto 3 Cheats Code For PC

Grand Theft Auto3 is the open world adventure shooter gamer that is developed by DMA Design and published by Rockstar Games. GTA 3 game was released in 2001 for the Sony PlayStation 2 and after one year it was released for the Microsoft Windows. The game was finally released for the X Box in 2003. And in 2011 this game was remastered and released for the mobile platform.


GTA 3 Cheats PC



GTA game let the player roam freely through-out the Liberty City and the player can navigate by using foot, vehicle and various vehicles. Although this game was very much expected among the gamers and the fans of GTA series games, many criticisms were raised towards the violence and adult content in the game.



GTA 3 Cheats PC


Grand Theft Auto 3 is an adventure filled game with an action-packed graphics scenes coming all over the game. The player will have many missions to complete to progress to the next mission. Each time when the mission starts, the player will receive a set of instructions that will help him to complete the missions successfully.

If the player commits any crime while playing the game, the game’s law enforcement agencies will initiate a display message in the Head-Up Display. Liberty City consists of three boroughs: Portland, Staunton Island, and Shoreside Vale. Those islands are in the locked mode and each island may be unlocked to players as the story progresses.

GTA 3 Cheats PC

GTA 3 Cheats PC Version Codes

There are many cheat codes for GTA 3 game. Here we explain some of the most commonly used cheats code for Grand Theft Auto 3 game. You can type the word GUNSGUNSGUNS, to activate the code All Weapons. GTA 3 cheats pc game has elements of the auto simulator and shooter from the 3rd person.


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Cheat effects Cheat codes
More Money ($250,000) Type IFIWEREARICHMAN
Full Health (This code also repairs the car engine if it’s damaged.) Type GESUNDHEIT
Full Armor Type TORTOISE
Change into a random outfit Type ILIKEDRESSINGUP
Raise Wanted Level Type MOREPOLICEPLEASE
Increased Gore (No Conformation Message will appear This code also repairs the car engine if it’s damaged.) Type NASTYLIMBSCHEAT
Improved Car Skills (Improves Cornering, Acceleration, Braking and you are able to jump) Type CORNERSLIKEMAD
Blow Up All Cars Type BANGBANGBANG
Fly Cars Like The Dodo Type CHITTYCHITTYBB
Slow Motion Type BOOOOORING
Speed Up Time Type MADWEATHER
People Start To Hate You Type NOBODYLIKESME
People Start To Fist-fight Each Other Type ITSALLGOINGMAAAD
Crazy People With Weapons Type WEAPONSFORALL
Cloudy Weather Type ILIKESCOTLAND
Rainy Weather Type ILOVESCOTLAND
Foggy Weather Type PEASOUP

Glitches and Strategies in GTA 3

GTA 3 game has various glitches and errors that can be used to complete the game easier. Few glitches are conspicuous than others and everyone is specified or shared. Formally, glitches often occur by the mistakes or errors in the code of a game. But it couldn’t notify during the testing or development process of the game.

GTA 3 Cheats PC

In the below session, the player can find all the known Glitches in GTA 3 cheats PC.

  • Easy Vigilante Glitch
  • Export/Import Crane Glitch
  • Missing Gang
  • Pedestrian Money Glitch
  • Porter Tunnel Glitch
  • Subway Tunnel Glitch
  • Taxi Driver Glitch
  • Vehicle Spawn Glitch

GTA 3 Cheats PC Version

GTA 3 Cheats PC version comprises enhanced 3d audio quality and many graphic designs which let the player feel like entering the real city. The game that will be changed everything. The first time when you play it, you feel dirty but excited.

Everything about the game was amazing the possibilities felt endless and the action was ultimately violent. You can’t think of any faults in GTAIII.

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You can’t really compare it to Vice City or San Andreas version, or even IV because they came very later. so on its own, GTAIII was the most exciting game in the series.

Pros of GTA 3 Game

Though there are some of the cons reviewed by many gamers and game developers, GTA 3 stands still high with lots of pros and some of them are mentioned below for your better knowledge about the game. With the brilliant graphic design, anyone from children to parents can enjoy playing GTA 3 with its stunning visuals. By entering cheats code for GTA 3  you can also play this game with having lots of fun and also play for a long time without getting bored.


  1. Brilliant graphic design
  2. Great HD cutscenes
  3. Variety of Cheats code
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